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Will buyers of the USD / CAD currency pair get a second bottom?

Hello dear friends!

I hasten to share with you the current trading signal, which is currently being formed on the currency pair. USD / CAD

Let’s start with the factors that indicate a possible short-term growth of the US dollar against the Canadian currency.

one. The “Over & Under” reversal pattern appeared on TF M15:

2. The price is now 96 points below the southern border of the balance:

3. The number of long positions held by the crowd increased to 87%:

Therefore, a little above the extreme of the “left shoulder”, I placed a limit buy order with the following parameters:

  • buy limit: 1.2380;
  • take profit: 1.2445;
  • stop loss: 1.2360.

The profit / loss ratio in this trade exceeds the classic 3 to 1.

All profitable trading!


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