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Where are the millions?

Hello traders?

Recently, the activity of individuals in the field of investment and financial markets has increased significantly.
But where are the millions of new futures traders on the Moscow Exchange?
They are not there!

Below you can see a screen shot of open positions from the Mosbirzh website.
If we take that a physicist trades on one instrument in one direction (long or short), then
– on RTS 9112 futures
– on Sberbank futures 5764
– on Sishka 23851
– on Brent 11134
In total, 49861 physicists have positions in long and short on the most liquid futures.
Let’s divide by 3, as many trade 3 instruments at the same time.
49861/3 = 16620.
Well, round up to 20,000 with those physicists who close poses by the end of the day.

That’s it, 20,000 physicists are trading at the Moscow Exchange at most.
Where are they, new million gamblers traders?


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