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Wave analysis of the RTS index

# RTS index
Timeframe: 1W

Nothing new: https://vk.com/wall-124328009_20300… All options remain pending and are generally top-down. I am almost sure that the index, like the ruble, was or is now in a triangle, and the way out of this triangle will be down.

I marked the target zone for the coming years in blue on the chart. A fall there will be in good agreement with a 100+ ruble. I do not plan to short yet – I do not observe a lead-in formation for trading with an adequate stop. But I will completely remove domestic stocks from the investment portfolio soon.

In general, I expect the imminent onset of the global crisis (see analytics for sipi500), and our index will not fall alone. But this is little consolation. Especially considering that, unlike the rest, he did not even come close to showing historical values.


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