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Tesla’s capitalization (TSLA) has exceeded 600 billion dollars!

During yesterday’s trading, Tesla shares rose by 7.5% and now the company’s capitalization by the standards of the automotive sector reaches just an astronomical amount of 608.32 billion dollars. If you count in “parrots”, then today one Tesla can buy 16 Ford ($ 36.68 billion), or 9 General Motors ($ 63.42 billion), or 3 Toyota Motor ($ 193.18 billion).

Tesla shares rose 855% over the year and no news of the company’s inclusion in the S&P 500 can justify such an insane rise. For comparison, during the same time this stock index rose in price by about 17%.

Should you succumb to the FOMO effect and buy Tesla shares together with other investors?

According to analysts’ forecasts, TSLA shares may rise in price to $ 780.

But I will refrain from shopping, because I think that this bubble has no place in my investment portfolio. it can collapse at any moment.

And I don’t have 1186 years (price / income) left to wait for the moment when my investment will fully pay off. {#lol}


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