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Russian money market and US Treasures last week

Over the past week, money market rates in Russia did not change significantly, the leading indicator of the money market, the 6-month MOSPRIME rate increased by 0.01 p.p. to 4.92%, the 1-month MOSPRIME rate remained unchanged (4.68%). The average spread between rates was 0.245 p.p.

The RUONIA rate, the main rate for overnight loans, decreased by 0.24 pp. up to 4.11% At the same time, deposit rates increased slightly. FRG100 – the arithmetic average of the maximum rates of 54 Russian banks increased by 0.0049 p.p. to 4.067%

Russian money market and US Treasures last week
US market. The yield on 12-month US government bonds over the past week decreased by 0.01 percentage points. to 0.08% The yield on 10-year securities decreased by 0.05 pp. and amounted to 1.54% by the end of the week (+0.61 pp since the beginning of the year). Average spread – 1.46 p.p.

/ Mark Savichenko /

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