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Positive Technologies. Interview to Timofey Martynov

Positive Technologies recently released strong financial results for 2020.
And this interview Gruppa Positiv represented by Maxim Pustovoy and Andrey Bershadsky gave yesterday to Timofey Martynov. The topic of bonds, including assumptions about new issues, is also touched upon.

00:00 Meet
03:20 How many people work remotely?
06:30 How much profit earned in 2020
08:00 Product margin, business scaling
13:00 Reasons for 55% revenue growth in 2020
15:10 Prospects for revenue growth in the future
19:20 Profit indicators, profit distribution
21:50 Who are the shareholders?
22:50 Ownership structure
25:00 Rumors about the company’s IPO
26:20 Experience in issuing bonds
32:20 Who are the products for?
34:30 Who are the clients of the company?
36:30 Inflation in Cybersecurity Services
39:20 Drivers of revenue growth
42:10 Why bonds were placed
47:20 Plans for the placement of new bonds
48:50 Experience with Ivolga Capital
50:40 Operational data
52:20 Publication of IFRS statements
54:20 Competition in the labor market
01:02:50 Working in the international market
01:12:40 Cybersecurity – why is it interesting?
01:18:00 What tasks did the first product of the company, XSpider, solve?
01:19:00 Other products of the company
01:22:00 Artificial Intelligence – Potential Risks
01:23:00 Major burglary incidents
01:30:00 Does Positive Technologies qualify for benefits as an IT company
01:30:40 Is it comfortable to run an IT business in Russia?
01:32:30 Cybersecurity Forum Positive Hack Days

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YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/c/PRObonds


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