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Lost my deposit 850 thousand

So, the day came when I lost my deposit. It took only 5 days. For 2.5 months, I untwisted it from 100 thousand to ~ 850 thousand, but merged very quickly.

deposit draining

After I brought the depot to ~ 850 thousand, I decided to increase the working lot by 5 times. This was the beginning of the tragedy. On the very first day, I lost about 30% of the deposit at the stops. Then came the bumpiness. The most unpleasant thing is that I began to lose profits, to tilt – my profits were small, and my losses were average. As a result, the deposit crawled down very quickly. The fourth day was the key day – then I could fully recoup all my losses – gold fell by over 200 pips, but I took a minuscule profit from this fall. And if I kept the pose and added more, then I would have played everything in one day. But I tilted and it didn’t work out. On the fifth, I tried to do something, but I missed the profit on eurjpy (I took 42 pips, but I could have 120). Then there was a struggle with gold – I was stupid again for minutes and 5 minutes, as a result, the stops ate up the lion’s share of the deposit, and in currencies they had already finished off my deposit.

What was I doing wrong? Well, firstly, probably, it was not necessary to double the lot, it was enough only to double it – then the risk would be acceptable. Secondly, I started tilting and got into deals that I shouldn’t have gotten into. It was necessary to carefully select the entry points. Thirdly, I didn’t take profit on trades. And if it did, then the depot would first stop its decline, and then it would start to grow and grow powerfully.

It’s sad. I will take into account my mistakes and trade more conservatively in the future. Ehh, lost 2.5 months, even 3 already.


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