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January 19 – the start of the placement of Obuv Rossii 001P-04 bonds (RUB 1.5 billion, YTM 11.57%)

January 19 start of placement of bonds Obuv Rossii 001P-04

The main parameters of the Russian Footwear 001P-04 (ISIN RU000A102NK2) release:
o Size: 1,500 million rubles
o Coupon / yield: 11% / 11.57% per annum
o Term to maturity: 4 years (amortized over the last 10 coupon periods)
o Rating: BBB (RU)
o Organizer: Ivolga Capital Investment Company

To applyplease send to the organizer: your name, purchase amount, name of your broker.

Contacts client service of Ivolga Capital:
– Ekaterina Zakharova: @ekaterina_zakharovaa, [email protected], +7 916 645-44-68
– Olga Kindichenko: @Kindichenko_Olga, [email protected], +7 916 452 81 12
– Evgeniya Zubko: @EvgeniyaZubko, [email protected], +7 912 672 68 83
– Nikolay Starikov: @NikolayStarikov, [email protected], +7 (908) 912-48-69
[email protected], +7 495 150 08 90

The minimum purchase amount is 300 thousand rubles.

Bonds of Obuv Rossii Group of Companies are included in PRObonds portfolios for 6.5-11% of assets.

Video analysis of the issuer:

Issuer and issue presentation:



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Issuer Disclosure Server: www.e-disclosure.ru/portal/company.aspx?id=37530&attempt=3

TELEGRAM t.me/probonds
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/c/PRObonds


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