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Ivolga Capital company blog | The placement of the debut issue of bonds of the construction company “Litana” is scheduled for April 22.

Preliminary parameters of the bond issue of LLC Litana:

• Amount of issue: 300 million rubles.
• Coupon benchmark: 12.5 – 13.0% per annum (coupon payment quarterly)
• Term to maturity: 3 years, the decision on amortization will be made later
• Organizer: Ivolga Capital Investment Company
• Landmark date of placement: April 22, 2021

To participate in the initial placement, you need to submit a preliminary application to the organizer of the placement (including the name of the broker from whose account the purchase will be made and the purchase amount).

Contacts of the client block of Ivolga Capital:
– Ekaterina Zakharova: @ekaterina_zakharovaa, [email protected], +7 916 645-44-68
– Olga Kindichenko: @Kindichenko_Olga, [email protected], +7 916 452 81 12
– Evgeniya Zubko: @EvgeniyaZubko, [email protected], +7 912 672 68 83
[email protected], +7 495 150 08 90

The minimum purchase amount is 300 thousand rubles.

Bonds of Litana LLC will be included in PRObonds public portfolios for 3% of assets.

Issuer and bond issue presentation

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