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Ivolga Capital company blog | Interview with Roman Makarov, Zaymer Multifunctional Complex, for PRObonds. About MFOs and their ban, about 2020 and the Silicon Taiga

Informative interview of Roman Makarov, general director of Zaymer multifunctional complex, Dmitry Alexandrov. About Zaimer, the ban on MFOs and the silicone taiga.

Broadcast timing:
00:00 Greetings. What is Zimer?
01:22 Product structure
03:11 Excursion into the world of MFOs
04:41 Industry regulation
06:58 Ban on MFIs? Is it real?
09:15 Market capacity
11:16 How did the portfolio survive 2020
14:41 Collection
16:01 Liabilities
20:01 Why bonds?
24:56 Development plan for 2021.
27:02 Company assets
29:54 Personnel management, silicon taiga. Personnel point of view
33:06 Risk Model and Management

TELEGRAM t.me/probonds
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/c/PRObonds


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