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Interview of Stanislav Kashuba (Concern Pokrovsky) to Timofey Martynov

Many thanks to Timofey for this communication! It was interesting for me to pull Pokrovsky into a lively and not very predictable dialogue. Large businesses do not seek this kind of dialogue. But Stanislav Kashuba (agribusiness manager of Pokrovsky Concern) accepted and fulfilled the task. Those who decided to participate in the placement of Pokrovsky’s bonds, I hope, have a little more information and a little more tangibility of the investment itself.

02:28 Bids on the primary market, participation in the placement.
04:22 The mechanism of participation in the placement.
05:45 When will the securities be available at the Moscow Exchange?
06:35 How and when was the Pokrovsky Concern organized?
08:00 Comparison with Cherkizovo and Rusagro.
09:46 About rumors about raider seizures of small farms.
12:28 What revenue segments does the concern have?
16:20 Food security.
17:20 Pork market prospects.
18:00 Export, what share of the proceeds does it take?
21:05 How will quotas affect the Pokrovsky Concern.
23:37 Forecasts for prices for agricultural products.
25:40 Why issue bonds when the rate is lower in banks?
32:06 Does Concern Pokrovsky have plans for an IPO?
38:25 The share of speculators on the primary placement of Pokrovsky Concern.
40:40 In 2019, a sharp increase in revenue by 20% due to what?
45:35 Where will the attracted billion go? What are your investment plans for 3-5 years?
47:20 How long is grain stored in the elevator without losing its qualities?
48:00 Why, when a holding buys a small unprofitable enterprise, does it start making a profit?
50:50 Application of modern technologies in agriculture.
52:20 Will the demand for fertilizers grow?
52:57 Is reporting credible? About the credit rating.
1:00:25 Risks of tightening price regulation

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