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Here is the answer (Long or Short question)

Hello everybody!

In my previous post I asked a question

What operation would you do next on this chart – long or short?

I was waiting for an answer from at least 20 traders, although the site statistics show that about 80 thousand visitors come to the site a day, but only 7 people have unsubscribed.

Okay, I give the answer – this is a graph of Sberbank shares before the crash in early March 2014.
Watch the chart and admire:

Here is the answer (Long or Short question)

For lovers of bar charts
Here is the answer (Long or Short question)

ps I have traded this chart from Long for the whole cutlet. The result was sad.
If you recall that moment of purchase, then no serious analysis of the general state of the market was made.
I bought at random, did not put stops at that time. The size of the deposit in the transaction is a complete ignore.
This loss still sits in me, so my operations are often performed in SHORT.
In fact, the result of these losses needs to be taken from a different angle – to “feel” the general trend of the market, filter all the noise around the market, analyze and plan, risk is justified – if the market movement justifies it.
But how to find this movement?


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