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EURRUB – A Look at 2021

Hello everyone!

One of the most popular questions on the topic of finance, among people far from the market and not only: “In what currency should savings be transferred?”

Let’s figure it out …

First, it should be understood that keeping all assets in the cache, even in foreign currency, at a distance is not effective, since inflation devalues ​​accumulations over time, many statistical studies and works have been published on this topic. But a certain share in the cache is necessary in case of unforeseen expenses, force majeure and as a resource for the opportunity to take advantage of the situation for investment at the right time! The question is which currency to give preference to?

In my opinion, the EURO in relation to the RUBLES retains the potential to continue the upward trend, the relevance of which has resumed since the beginning of last year.

At the moment, the prerequisites for the development of the next round of growth are taking shape. The first signal to buy the euro will be a breakdown of the mark of 92.5 rubles, and the main one – overcoming the three-digit figure, 100 rubles. In this case, a triangle is realized, which began to form in 2014 !!!

What will serve as a trigger, the informational reason for such a movement can only be guessed at, but this scenario implies a rise first to 115-120 rubles, and in the case of total Risk-off, to 150 rubles +

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