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Crisis 2021 has arrived. Wave analysis of the S & P500 index

# SP500 (#SPX) index
Timeframe: 4H

Earlier, a month ago, I assumed that the index still had an upward power reserve, so I kept and keep longs on some stocks from it: https://t.me/waves89/2261; https://vk.com/wall-124328009_20264.

Now let’s talk about the big picture and make a forecast for 2021. I think no one will argue that the rise from the March lows is a series of zigzags in an upward direction. And taking into account the renewal of historical maximums, we have only three options for the development of events, and they are completely co-directed.

This is a plane or triangle in the phase of a wave coming to an end [B] of “IV”, and this is the final diagonal [5] of “V” in the final phase (5th). In both cases, growth will continue locally, even, perhaps, up to 4500 we will go. But then the market is waiting for the bubble to burst 2 or more times.

The sentiment is critical, every housewife is already in the market, QE continues … The restart is coming soon – the second phase of the crisis that began last year. Can you guess how this will all affect bitcoin and the ruble, or give a hint?


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