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Concern “Pokrovsky” invests 3 billion rubles

The Group of Companies shared plans for investments in agribusiness for 2021:

🚜1.3 billion rubles will be spent on updating the technical park
🌏1 billion rubles will be allocated to expand the land bank
🏭500 million rubles will be spent on the reconstruction and modernization of sugar factories and livestock complexes
💦200 million rubles will be allocated to increase irrigated land by 1000 hectares

At the end of 2020, as the newspaper notes, the company’s revenue amounted to 34 billion rubles, net profit increased by 87% to 5.5 billion, EBITDA – by 44% to 9.4 billion

Concern “Pokrovsky” in 2021 will invest 3 billion rubles in the development of agribusiness – Agroinvestor (agroinvestor.ru)

/ Bonds Concern Pokrovsky 001P-01 (issuer OJSC “Agrofirma – breeding plant“ Pobeda ”) are included in PRObonds portfolios for 7.5-8% of assets /


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