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Comparison of PRObonds portfolios with popular investment instruments

Comparison of PRObonds portfolios with popular investment instruments
March ended and according to its results, both our portfolios retained their positions among comparable investment instruments. They lose, as before, to stock indices (indexes of total profitability, taking into account dividends).

Interestingly, over 2.5 years of comparison, the American market, which was not cheap in 2018, grew in ruble terms more than any other instrument. And the rally is unlikely to end tomorrow. Russian stocks, as we can see, also almost did not lag behind during this time, compensating for the slower growth of quotations with more generous dividends.

Otherwise, PRObonds portfolios show predictable and quite competitive results. At the same time, the fate of portfolio # 2 remains in question due to its insufficient profitability.

About the current composition and operations of portfolios – here: https://smart-lab.ru/company/ivolga_capital/blog/686727.php

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