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BTC – View 08.09

Hello everyone!

Over the past five days, everything that was below $ 10k in bitcoin was bought out – this is a sign of the strength of local buyers.

The structure of price formation for the period July-September is very similar to January-March of the current year, similar patterns.

It is not a fact, of course, that such a halving in Bitcoin will be repeated, but we cannot exclude the possibility of seeing $ 8600-9000 in the future by November, just when it will be decided who will become the next president in the United States. This fact of uncertainty will put pressure on risky assets.

I think that we will not see a decline immediately, as in early March, first we can retest the level that previously acted as support, in the current situation it is a range of $ 11100-11300, and from there to $ 8600-9000

That is, if we state the idea, in the short term, rather for a rebound to the levels of $ 11100-11300, from $ 11k to look closely at the formation of a position in SHORT

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