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BTC – View 07.09

Hello everyone!

Over the weekend, nothing has fundamentally changed in the dynamics of bitcoin, all “dances with a tambourine” are held near $ 10k, a level that has repeatedly acted as resistance. This is logical, since this year the dependence of bitcoin on the dynamics of global financial markets has significantly increased, which traditionally have a Saturday-Sunday break.

This morning, during the Asian trading session, negative sentiment prevails, which is a deterrent for the rebound in Bitcoin at the moment.

If within the next 2-3 days there is no recovery to $ 11,100 – $ 11,300, then the likelihood of sliding to the range of $ 8600-9000 will increase

Much will depend on the general sentiment towards risky assets in the world, which sharply deteriorated last week, provoking sales on a wide front, the main question: “Is this a reversal into a downtrend?” (fixing above 94 points) and on the S&P 500 stock index (fixing below 3400 points)

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