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About Deripaska’s benefit show on Smartlab (call for rate cuts and “sanctions from hell”)

I came across several posts mentioning this character, in one he says that poverty in Russia is due to “high” interest rates, in the other – about the inevitable “sanctions from hell.” But let’s talk about everything in order.

To begin with, let’s recall what an unsurpassed actor Deripaska is. After the events shown in the video below, almost all of Russia believed that Putin had also “equidistant” him. Only history is silent about the fact that after that he received a healthy loan from VEB to maintain his pyramid. Yes, yes, his activity before the crisis of 08-09 was reminiscent of a trader’s “pyramid on a positive variation”, but not on the stock exchange. He bought up assets, they grew, he took out new loans for them, bought up further, etc., etc. In short, if the state bank had not helped him then, he would have become bankrupt.

But now to the essence of his two theses. Let’s start with the first – “high interest rates are to blame for poverty in Russia”. Well This is not the first time. He has been drowning for a long time in order to reduce the rates on the ruble close to zero. I have already written on this topic:

“To begin with, I am generally an opponent of the institution of the central bank and a supporter of ‘hard’ money and market education of interest rates. But we are discussing what is. If the Central Bank keeps the rate below the market, it inflates the monetary ratio, that is, it conducts an inflationary policy. Conversely, if the Central Bank keeps the rate above the market, it lowers the money ratio, that is, it conducts a reductionist policy. Recently, due to capital outflows, market rates have increased, so yesterday’s rate hike was adequate. And, if you look at the monetary aggregate M2 over the past 4 years, we can conclude that the Central Bank is approximately following the market … Yes, M2 is growing at a rate of about 10% year on year, which is bad. But, criticism of the monetary policy of the Central Bank sounds mainly from supporters of greater intervention. Monetary policy and the foreign exchange market are the few areas that remain relatively market-based in the Russian Federation. And this allows you to avoid the catastrophe that the Armageddon men will wang for the next year. Trying to improve the economy with PrEP is like curing syphilis with prayer, even worse, because prayer does not speed it up, and PrEP can easily deepen a crisis. So, those who consider the actions of the Central Bank to be a factor in the crisis in the Russian economy are not looking there. Regulation needs to be removed, not increased, and it is overly clearly not in this area. “

That is, to put it simply, a decrease in rates below the market will simply lead to another devaluation of the ruble. Is this what you want, Oleg Vladimirovich? Well, we can discuss this. Moreover, “through one handshake”, we knew each other at least twice.

Well, on the second thesis.

Let me remind you that Deripaska himself ran into the sanctions exclusively by means of a crossbow, there are no other explanations !!!

What makes you think that you need to prepare for such sanctions ??? Navalny, who, after (in my opinion, pseudo) poisoning, became the only non-alternative leader of the opposition (think for yourself how to reduce this), urged not to introduce country and sectoral sanctions. Namely, Western leaders (in particular Merkel) have confirmed his legitimacy in this capacity.

In addition, Biden may well put all sorts of negotiations on armaments at the forefront (START_2,3,4 or any xs, the INF and all sorts of other HZCH)

So forget about the sanctions, these are just the dreams of those waiting for 150 bucks (200, 500, etc.)
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