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+203 pp of profit on Sberbank shares at the level breakdown.

Greetings! On the breakout of important levels, it was possible to take 203 pp of profit on average for the initial volume. True, it turned out only on the second attempt, and in the first I lost 7 pp. Trades on the chart:

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He made transactions on the SRH0 futures on Sberbank shares, which is just becoming the main one, there is little liquidity in it, so the futures schedule does not fully reflect the situation that arose on the shares.

We look at the full picture on promotions:

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We approached the important level 243.74 of November 12, but we couldn’t break it outright. The last days have been in a lateral position under this level. I assumed that the breakdown of the upper border of this range will force the shortists to exit, and we will safely fly out far beyond the level on their stops, in the end it happened.

Minute stock chart:

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A powerful impulse started after the breakdown of the range border, I entered a little earlier so as not to slip at the moment of the breakdown.

It remains to add that it closed partially (seen on the futures chart). For the first part, I closed a little less than 100 pp of profit, for the last almost 300 pp. On average, I managed to pull out 203 pp.

I regret a little that I did not leave the deal through the night, today, at the beginning of the day, they grew by another 200 pips at the moment:

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Eh, I should know this in advance

That’s all for now.

Criticism, thanks and questions in the comments are welcome! :))


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