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Who bought a Tesla for 800 a month ago, that’s me: o)

Timeframe: 1H

Everything does not always go according to plan and along the dotted arrows: https://vk.com/wall-124328009_21425… For example, a month ago I first bought a Tesla at 795, and then completely removed the stop on the position – I decided to sit out. Two mistakes for a trader at once. I acted like a bloody investor: o) And if you make a mistake and document everything, then the third mistake was on February 24, when I averaged over 695.

Now the price of Tesla is 700, while I’m in the red. I keep the longs. By the way, they are not only spot, but also margin. I am writing a post just to admit my mistakes publicly, and not to repeat them again.

Who bought a Tesla for 800 a month ago, that's me: o)


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