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While the dollar / ruble pair continues to consolidate slightly below 80 rubles. In the most loyal variant, we still expect the formation of the final diagonal within the big wave V, where the wave is expected [iii] of © of [3], but more locally only a wave can go [ii]/ green / of © of [3]…

The second option also implies the formation of a longer-term ending diagonal within wave V of the supercycle. Only waves C of (Y) of [1] of V.

It is also possible that the formation of a triangle continues within the wave (X), in which wave (E) goes in the direction of 68-69 rubles, and then a reversal with a breakdown of 80 rubles.

The most pessimistic variant is that nestings 1-2-1-2-1-2 were formed upward within the framework of wave V of the supercycle. In this case, the growth will be above 150 rubles per dollar. The local alternative in this option is that one nesting will be eliminated upward, where there will also be a downward approach in the direction of 68-69 rubles.


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