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Took profit on SP500

I took profit on the American index this morning. Took 652 points of profit – this is about 1.75% of the fall in the sp500.

sp500 profit

It is curious that a couple of days ago there was a strong fall, and before that there was an increase in which I took part and took a small profit. Then I could go short and take a huge profit, but I pissed off something. So the fall passed without me.

Then the same fast recovery began, and again – I wanted to enter the long, but I pissed off something. Then the price went up. And now, on the rise, I shorted. I thought that they would remove the stop loss, it would not fall, but woke up in the morning and was very happy about the fall and the profits that had poured in.

In general, I just posted a message on smartlab yesterday that the American stock market is an endless source of profit for us – after all, it always grows, you just need to buy on corrections. And this logic worked until recently, but now, I feel a new bearish trend will begin and it will be necessary to sell.

So, my deposit was already 589,000 rubles. Let me remind you that this is a test demo account overclocked from 100,000 rubles. The last high was 550000r and I overcame it. The next target is 600,000!


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