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Took a profit on gold and brought his depot to 835 thousand

Today is a significant day – Bitcoin reached 50,000 and pulled back on the wave of profit taking.

Well, today I made 237 and 61 pips in gold and brought my deposit to 835 thousand.

gold profit

It’s nice that my forecast for gold, which I published in the article, is coming true. Gold went down. I opened a trade on a downward impulse, at the breakout of 1820. But, as it turned out, it was a false breakout, after which the price moved up, of course, I tensed and thought that the stop loss would already be removed, but it did not happen and the price went further down … There I took profit of almost 300 pips and got out on the way to strong support. Although I am confident that the price will go to the low of 1700, I did not wait for the correction. And it started – I am looking at the chart now and the price for over 20 pips has corrected. If the price jerks down or at the end of the correction, I will sell again.

Before that, I took a profit on bitcoin, published the deal in my telegramm channel @chatforex. I expected to move to 60,000, but after the price broke through 50,000 and then pulled back below this level, it exited the long. Apparently, sales started and I left the market to avoid selling pressure on my deal. I will look closely to further longs. Or maybe the rate will reverse and the price will go down? Who knows.


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