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This crazy, crazy, crazy crypto world …

The free distribution of money by the US government led not only to a boom in the stock market, but also served as the reason why we have seen an increased demand for digital assets over the past few months. Many cryptocurrencies have long rewritten historical highs and the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market has already come close to $ 2 trillion.

And if the rise of bitcoin can still be justified to some extent by limited emission and its adoption by institutional investors, then how do you explain the fabulous prices for which people are buying up NFT tokens? Personally, I do not have a single argument that would indicate the rationality of the decisions made by such a public.

Just look at the trash that was bought by the FlamingoDAO group for 605 ethers (at today’s exchange rate it is 1,090,000 $$$)!

And nobody wants to buy virtual socks for 87 thousand dollars? Hurry up, there are only 13 pairs left. {#woodpecker}

Not enough money for this virtual know-how? No problem! There is a cheaper option from Chinese copycats. Just a few days ago, this “masterpiece” has risen in price from $ 5 to $ 1500.

And now you can buy it for almost nothing – for some $ 185.

If you don’t want socks, take the cats.

The price of the issue is only 199 ETH (today it is 358,000 $$$) for such a fluffy “handsome”. {#rofl}

PS. The article does not in any way force blog readers to purchase digital assets and is published for informational purposes only.

All of the above should be taken as sarcasm.


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