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The upward forecast has come true, and now you can try to short the AUD / USD pair.

Timeframe: 4H

As previously predicted, the dollar depreciation continued: https://vk.com/wall-124328009_20798… Now, it is likely that this phase of the market has been reversed, towards the strengthening of the dollar. And, therefore, it’s time to try speculative pair shorts. Especially in the context of the fact that the ascending channel has just been broken down.

Probably all markets will soon face big shocks – a continuation of the crisis that began a year ago: https://vk.com/wall-124328009_15404… At such times, growth is usually shown by the underlying asset – the dollar, everything else falls. Wait for a big longread on my local and global strategy for saving your own funds, where I will tell you more about it.


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