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The strengthening of the ruble against the euro is nearing completion. EUR / RUB Wave Analysis

Timeframe: 4H

A month ago you saw the senior degree chart, daily chart: vk.com/wall-124328009_21224. Wave (iv) should have completed there somewhere. You know from the “novice trader” course that this wave should take the form of any zigzag and enter the area of ​​wave (i). At the end of last year, it happened.

Unfortunately or fortunately, there is always a variant of complicating a single zigzag to a double one. It seems that this is happening now. I believe that there is the last division left before the start of the devaluation.

Therefore, I placed a buy stop order for the breakout of the correction channel upwards with a stop loss in the area of ​​the current price. Savings have long been in foreign currency, and I continue to buy.


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