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The pound is testing the resistance level of 1.3620

Hello everyone!

Friends, first of all I want to wish you a Happy New Year and wish you all your wishes come true.

If you, like me, continue to trade in the market despite the holidays, then I recommend paying attention to the currency pair GBP / USDsince on the four-hour chart, the price is near the strong resistance level 1.3620.

I sold a pound in a small volume, because many large players do not trade at this time and now the market is thin.

The target level for taking profit is located several points above the local support at 1.3527.

I do not set a stop loss, because a short-term price spike is possible. If buyers have enough strength and they can pass this redoubt, then in this case I plan to close the deal during the testing of the “mirror level” from top to bottom.

Good luck to all!


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