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The dynamics of mortality in Europe (according to euromomo.eu)

The graph shows the dynamics of the weekly number of deaths in a number of European countries (total 22 countries + Israel) for all ages

On the one hand, both in the world and in Russia, there is a general decrease in cases of COVID-19. Although the number of deaths is, unfortunately, stable so far. On the other hand, I updated the statistics on the total number of deaths from the euromomo website (https://euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps, the statistics take into account 22 European countries, of which Great Britain and Germany – partially, as well as Israel). And he was unpleasantly surprised. The site records a continuing high mortality rate, the values ​​of which, although not reaching the peak of last spring, but stand out abnormally against the background of previous years.

It turns out, even despite the vaccination campaigns, border closures and repeated quarantines – for a long time.

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