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The demand for individual housing in Russia has not yet been fully realized

The pandemic not only changed the economy and social life, but also shaped a different understanding of ideal privacy. Comfortable living conditions have become not just an addition available only to a limited circle of citizens, but a direct necessity for most people. In particular, this trend was reflected in the real estate market, in which, due to preferential state programs, it became easier to combine dreams with reality.

DOM.RF notes the increased demand in the market of individual housing construction: in 11 months of 2020, in Russia, the share of individual housing construction accounted for more than half of housing commissioned – 34 out of 64.4 million square meters. Despite the fact that these numbers have become a record over the past few years, the agency is confident that the demand for individual housing has not yet been fully realized and will be stable in the future.

The demand for individual housing in Russia has not yet been fully realized

A joint opinion poll between the agency and VTsIOM showed that 68% of Russians would like to live in their own house, versus 64% who dream of buying a separate apartment. As for the factors of choosing the ideal housing, the number of respondents who value good ecology and improvement of the local area in individual houses has increased. At the same time, people who dream of their own home still value the proximity of social infrastructure, transport accessibility and the quality of home construction. In a three-year perspective, at least 1.4 million families do not see financial obstacles to moving to an individual house, and 5 million families plan to improve their living conditions.

The demand for individual housing in Russia has not yet been fully realized

With such a structure of demand, the development of urban agglomerations promises to be in demand among developers, especially in the format of suburban settlements. Such solutions guarantee a compromise between the availability of infrastructure facilities (shops, kindergartens, schools, etc.) and the requirements for more living space and ecology. In addition, building a house yourself is a laborious task, and buying a ready-made solution eliminates the need to be unnecessarily involved in the construction process. In this context, projects like the TvoyaPrivilegia club community (issued by APRI Fly Planing) have the potential to expand to even more areas and regions.

Source of graphics: DOM.RF
Author: Ilya Grigoriev


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