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The best forecasts. Who to follow. Preliminary results of the year. Discussing in this post

Hello everyone!

The annual “shocking” forecast from Saxo bank, published the other day, prompted me to write this post. Despite the fact that the year is not over yet, I think it makes sense to summarize. In general, 2020 was an extremely difficult year, but with great opportunities for making profit from the financial markets, which we actually took advantage of.

We informed about our deals, ideas in advance in our telegram channel

Here are some examples from a large number of correct recommendations:

1) Buy silver, + 70% of the entry price. By the way, about the fact that I managed to make good money on this idea, I published a post here earlier

2) Buying gold, the entry price is $ 1637, the goal is to update the historical high at that moment – is realized.

3) LONG natural gas, price open – 1.73 $. At the moment, almost + 100%

4) Buying Alcoa shares (ticker AA), date May 4, price $ 7.7, this week at $ 24.17

5) The idea for RUSAL brought 40%

6) SHORT of the USD / CAD currency pair from 1.3825, the target is 1.3. Completed

7) Decrease in the dollar index (DXY) from 96.58 points

8) Purchase of the Canadian “ecologist” canopy growth corp (CGC), + 40%

9) Buying bitcoin at $ 11955, with the target – updating the historical maximum. Completed

10) SHORT gold from 1900 to 1760 $. Clearly according to plan

11) Warned of an impending correction down the S & P500 from 3500 points in August

This is just a small part of the correct predictions, you can see for yourself

I suggest in the comments to write links to those authors who, in your opinion, deserve attention, who publish interesting analytical work, and who really helps to make money in the market, I think the local public will find it useful


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