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Stop trades (result for the month)

Hello everyone!

My results for a month of trading on FORTS.

Made 19 deals.
4 deals plus 7.6%
15 deals at minus 9.0%.

Grand total for a month of trading minus 1.4%

Conclusions for myself:
– in the presence of clearly expressed levels (where and where the price will go under a given scenario) I cannot withstand maintaining a profitable trade
– catching a reversal and constant closing in a stop loss quickly kills the deposit
– any movement in the market makes me “see” the moment for a transaction “in this direction”
– the desire not to miss “these moments of transactions” (obviously gambling addiction)
– it is very difficult to find a new deal (CORRECT ENTRY) – wait X days, X weeks, X months ????
– I can’t understand and create my own behavior in order to HOW to wait for the RIGHT deal
– conditions, conditions again – they are the ones that create the RIGHT transactions – wait for these conditions (albeit with a slight delay to enter the transaction)

Stop trades (result for the month)


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