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Selling spot positions in crypto, following the margin

Timeframe: 1D, 4H

A month ago, we closed all longs on the air and other altos at the very high: vk.com/wall-124328009_21321. Now is the time to ditch most of your crypto savings in favor of other instruments. As for the ether specifically, an upward scenario exists for it, but through a sideways trend for at least another couple of weeks. But is there any sense in taking such a risk, because a pyramid may well develop 3 times for a period of one year or more within the framework of wave “4”.

A situation has developed in the markets, when while the dollar will automatically strengthen against everything, because of the fall of all this, the crisis has come. And so easily he will not be extinguished with money, as a year ago. I invite everyone to a webinar on Tuesday, where we will discuss all this. At 19:00 Moscow time.

Selling spot positions in crypto, following the margin


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