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Rospechal. Wave analysis of the ruble on the daily timeframe

Timeframe: 1D

Yesterday’s forecast clearly showed me two things: first, the sentiment of the townsfolk; secondly, that Russia is for the sad. A sad man in the street sits and waits in his 5-storey panel for a dollar of 100+, not understanding at all how such a rate of the national currency will actually affect its quality and standard of living. Even if all savings are in dollars, and even if these dollars were miraculously bought at 60 or less. Although, we know that specifically you paid 80 on credit, and now every month you are waiting for a consolation post: o)

Consolation has come – the devaluation has begun. Within a couple of months, the ruble will finish off the triangle, and the pair will begin to grow to the long-awaited sotochka. I keep a long pair, I convert free savings according to the scheme from the last update: https://vk.com/wall-124328009_21578.


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