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Results for 2 months of trading

Hello traders!

I will sum up the results of two months of trading in September and October 2020.

September + 20%.
October at zero%.

Somehow I didn’t really believe those who tell on the forums that the month of trading could be zero, and it turns out that it is.
By the way, it’s good that zero!
Worst of all, a zero trading month resulted in more trades gambling addiction.
In just 2 months of trading 69 deals – 11 plus and 58 minus.
In September there were 24 deals – 6 plus and 18 minus.
In October 45 deals – 5 plus and 40 minus, 9 of them (nine !!!) in one day on October 28 !!!

I know my problem, I hope I understood – I always try to enter a trade exactly at the low or high of the day, that is, I catch the bottoms or ceilings.
Everyone says “wait for confirmation”, but the price goes far and it hurts mentally that it missed the minimum (maximum).

ps how to see confirmation that the price is moving in one direction or another and enter a trade with confidence?

Results for 2 months of trading


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