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Ranking of organizers of high-yield market issues at the end of 2020

In 2020, the company completed the placement of 70 high-yield bond issues for a total of RUB 21.570 billion.

The first three places were shared by Ivolga Capital, ATON and IFC Solid, respectively. The share of the top three organizers on the market is 42.56%.

The first place in the ranking took Ivolga Capital, the market share is 23.13%, the total volume of placements amounted to RUB 4,990 million.

The second place – ATON, the volume of placements amounted to 2,230 million (market share – 10.34%).

The third place – IFC Solid, the volume of placements amounted to 1,960 million rubles (market share – 9.09%).

The ranking includes securities for which pre-marketing was carried out, with an initial maturity of at least 182 days, an issue volume of no more than RUB 1 billion, the coupon rate for which at the end of the reporting period is not lower than the value of the rate “Key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation + 5% annual “.

The full version of the ranking is available in the corresponding section.


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