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PRObondsmonitor. High yield bonds

Cbonds high yield bond index. Source: https://cbonds.ru/indexes/Cbonds-CBI-RU-High-Yield/

The high-yield bond segment is also falling, but falling below the first tier. Large coupon payments and short maturity periods are also stabilizers. But even here, judging by the Cbonds-CBI RU High Yield index, no progress is evident. For almost 2 months of 2021, the index brought only about 1% on the invested capital, or slightly more than 7.5% per annum (in the PRObonds # 1 HDO portfolio, the yield from December 31, 2020 to February 19 is higher, 9.1%, but it is more seems like an inaccuracy due to the difference in the lists of papers). If the broad bond market – both corporate and the public debt market – does not stop its decline, the HDI segment is able to settle in yields below 10%, which, after deducting inflation (the last value is 5.2%) and taxes, makes investments in it controversial, especially with adjustment for default probabilities and risks.
PRObondsmonitor.  High yield bonds
PRObondsmonitor.  High yield bonds
PRObondsmonitor.  High yield bonds
PRObondsmonitor.  High yield bonds

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