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People’s portfolio Stock Trader’s Diary

The number of individuals with brokerage accounts on the Moscow Exchange in 2020 increased by almost 5 million and reached a record 8.8 million. Thus, in 2020 more private investors came to the Moscow Exchange than in all previous years.

In 2020, the “Portfolio of a private investor” includes shares Gazprom (23.1%), LUKOIL (11.8%), Norilsk Nickel (11.3%), common and preferred shares Sberbank (10.5% and 8% respectively), shares Aeroflot (8.2%), securities Mail.ru Group (7.4%), preferred shares Surgutneftegaza (6.8%), shares MTS (6.5%) and the Bank VTB (6.3%).

From foreign securities, shares entered the “Portfolio of a private investor” in 2020 Alibaba Group Holding LTD (29.5%), Pfizer Inc. (11.6%), Apple (11.1%), Tesla Inc. (9.9%), Intel (8%), Boeing (7.7%), Amazon (7%), NVIDIA (5.1%), AT&T Inc. (5.1%) and American airlines Group Inc. (4.9%).

Source: Moscow Exchange

Brokers have noticed for a long time that there is no growth in those promotions in which the majority of clients “sit”. More often the opposite happens.


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