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overnight Bitcoin fell by $ 6,000.

Hello dear friends!

Finally, what the sellers of bitcoin were looking forward to – cryptocurrency # 1 has dropped in price by $ 6,000 tonight. This massive collapse led to the massive liquidation of hundreds of millions of dollars long. And now the cryptocurrency community, holding its breath, asks the question: “What is this? The beginning of the end? Or will the crypt continue to grow?”

In order to answer these questions, I propose to return to the past. No, not in the era of mammoths and dinosaurs, but only 3 years ago – in December 2017.

And what do we see?

Based on the structure of the bullish wave, we are now here:

But, naturally, I will not buy, and I do not advise you. the cryptobubble can burst at any time.

So I will continue to hold the shorts and sell more if the bulls can get the cue ball to $ 50,000.

Good mood and successful bidding this week to everyone! {# 268}


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