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Netflix Stock Prediction for October 2019

Greetings! Another US stock idea has emerged – Netflix is ​​in the spotlight.

The company makes its content and sells access to its channel for money. After explosive growth and popularity last year, things are not going well right now. Indicators are falling, strong competitors appear in the same segment, as a result, the share price dropped from the peak of $ 420 to $ 260.

There is a good downward trend:

A flat correction was formed, which yesterday broke through with a gap from the opening:

Selling immediately from the opening seemed unprofitable – the stop was too big. And before the close of the session, the risk / reward will be about 1/3.

Target ~ $ 252, stop $ 272.5. The risk is not more than 1%.


We started for health, and ended for peace:

It’s good that there is an opportunity to cut the stop by three times! 🙂


Eh, the movement did not go …

As a result, -0.3%.

Not an investment recommendation. The author is not an investment advisor.

Author: Ivan Mochalov.

Criticism, thanks and questions in the comments are welcome! :))


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