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Money and deposit market rates continued to rise

Money market rates continued to rise last week.

The leading indicator of the money market: 6-month MOSPRIME rate increased by 0.32 percentage points, reaching 5.35% by the end of the week, 1-month MOSPRIME rate increased by 0.17 percentage points. up to 4.90%. The average spread between rates continues to grow, last week the spread between the 1st and 6th months was 0.363 p.p.
The one-week value of secured money RUSFAR rose 0.38 pp. up to 4.58%.

The rates on deposits also increased. FRG100 – the arithmetic average of the maximum rates of 54 Russian banks increased by 0.0254 p.p., by the end of the week the rate was 4.1238%

Mark Savichenko

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