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Missed out on gold profits

Again I missed the gold profit. Have I started to haunt this childish trading problem again – early closing of a pose?

gold missed out on profits

The week started well for gold – it went up. And, which is typical, I could have taken a profit on gold if I had not closed the long trade with a meager profit before the weekend. Well, okay, we missed the long, so maybe the short was a success? After all, gold then began to fall. But I got it wrong again – although I woke up early, I didn’t turn on the metatrader, so I didn’t see the short entry point. Okay! But I was able to enter the long, the entrance is in the screenshot above. It all started well – the price immediately went up, but then I pissed off on an important resistance and closed a small profit of 48 pips. And this bitch went up to 194 pips! What a nightmare !.

I ended up missing out on almost 200 pips of profit. It’s sad. So it’s itching to stake out the profit, but you don’t need to do this, you need to let the profit flow, as they say.


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