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MICEX well, let’s go?

Otkat, of course, is brewing, but IMHO … the upper channel will have bumpiness for a long time and hai, and the next cycle of a strong fall is still ahead (not even this year).
Something like this…

Well, or for the optimists, the breakout of the channel and the index drift towards targets above 5000, that is, approximately 1.5 times from the current one.
That under conditions of stability with a bubble in world markets, stabilization of energy prices (at least at the current levels of + -%, although for sustainable growth it would be desirable to be higher) and a general boom in investment and a decrease in interest rates in the Russian Federation … does not seem such a miracle …
However … the scenario of a sudden crash (like last year’s, unfinished truth) in today’s unstable world should always be kept in mind.


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