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Ivolga Capital company blog | Kommersant on the development of the online business of MFOs (with links to bond issuers IDF Eurasia, Seimer and Migcredit)

Source: https://im.kommersant.ru/ISSUES.PHOTO/DAILY/2021/038/_2021d038-08-01.jpg

I didn’t think microfinance was so online. It has long been considered that the main intellectual property of a successful MFI is the credit risk calculation model. It is it, first of all, that forms the value of a microfinance company. Risk management will always remain important for the MFI field. But based on the material of Kommersant and according to representatives of IDF Eurasia, Migcredit and MFC Zaimer, the Internet platform for evaluating and serving customers and the mobile application should become the determining factor in the competition. Moreover, in many respects their convenience for users. Those. quality, convenience, speed of remote service.

/ IDF03 and Zimer 01 bonds are included in PRObonds portfolios by 7-7.5% and 5%, respectively /

More details: https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/4713544?from=main_9

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