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IDF Eurasia / ManeyMan Business Tactics and Strategy. Interview with Boris Batin and Irina Khoroshko

On February 25, we talked with the founder of the IDF Eurasia financial holding Boris Batin and the director of the Russian part of the business, Irina Khoroshko.

Business strategy,
future plans,
microcredit myths.

Timeline of the broadcast:
0:00:00 What is IDF.
0:04:00 IDF Eurasia in Russia.
0:06:51 IDF indicators, company development, projects.
0:09:36 The magic of numbers in the eyes of the layman.
0:11:40 Credit interest.
0:12:55 What is a PDL loan?
0:13:40 Loyalty program for borrowers.
0:17:13 Lending market potential.
0:18:38 What to expect from MoneyMan?
0:19:20 Business development geography.
0:22:50 Regulatory risks of MFIs
0:26:01 Regulation of MFOs in Russia and abroad.
0:37:02 Case in Georgia.
0:38:36 What’s going on with the bond market?
0:42:23 Useful information for investors.
0:43:37 Dynamics of rates.
0:47:49 Credit quality.
0:56:40 Risk management mechanisms.
0:57:56 What is the manufacturability of IDF?
01:01:47 Where are the brains of the company?
01:03:29 Plans for 2021.

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