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Well, finally, the hangover came on the RTS, after the “New Year rally”. Everyone suddenly began to realize that they had jumped too high without a rollback, and now they are in a hurry to sell at any price. The guys felt like the gods of the market, only they forgot that they should not confuse their brains with the bull market that turned up on the vaccine, and now the trend is starting to turn in the opposite direction.

Then the news arrived in time about the new stamp of the coronavirus from Britain, everyone in a hurry immediately began to close air traffic with her. “A patient from Germany” Navalny has released 2 more videos about his poisoning, the lump is twisting, the sanctions are muddied, January is getting ready to become even more interesting. So far, the nearest targets for RTS 1250, Brent oil 45, dollar 78. Panic sale today was notable after 11:00, and no one needed Gazprom for 215 rubles, its price is already 203 rubles.

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