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How to withdraw money from a brokerage account to a bank card with a minimum commission?

Instead of fighting the financial illiteracy of the population, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation decided to take a different path, introducing all kinds of restrictions and bans on the activities of financial companies. If before that they had nightmares of forex brokers and bookmakers, then since last month electronic payment systems have also hit their sights.

For example, the popular QIWI company was issued a huge fine and banned from cooperating with foreign partners.

Therefore, traders were forced to look for roundabout ways to replenish and withdraw money from the accounts of forex brokers and dealing centers.

I will talk about the simplest and least expensive in this article.

Because i trade in InstaForex, therefore, as an example, we will consider the method of withdrawing funds from this company.

Before ordering a payment, you need to this link register an account on one of the popular crypto-exchanges. I like the most Huobisince They have an intuitive interface, instant withdrawals and no USDT TRC-20 withdrawal fees.

Are you registered? Then let’s move on. There will be a lot of pictures, but don’t be alarmed, because in fact, there is nothing complicated.

one. On website of the cryptocurrency exchange in the upper right corner I consistently click on “Balance” -> “Currency account”.

2. Opposite the USDT (Tether) stablecoin, I click on “Deposit”.

3. By default, the ERC20 protocol will be selected (I leave it), I click “Send deposit address”.

4. A new address will be generated for the account to which the USDT ERC20 can be transferred. I copy it to the clipboard.

5. I log in to my account on the site InstaForex, go to financial transactions, click on “Withdraw funds” and then select USDT.

6. I enter the amount in USDT (for the first transfer it is better to send a small amount, I call it a test one).

7. I select the ERC20 protocol, paste the copied wallet address from the buffer, and put a checkmark in front of “Notify by e-mail” and “I have read the information.”

8. If you did everything correctly, a window opens with a notification about the successful payment order.

nine. After the money arrived at my address, I again go to exchange website (“Balance” -> “Currency account”) and opposite USDT click on “Withdraw”.

ten. Now I choose TRC20, because I am not charged anything for withdrawing USDT using this protocol (zero commission). I enter the address that will be generated in the exchange office, indicate the amount and click “Withdraw”.

eleven. I choose an exchange office for Bestchange website, in the “Give” field I indicate USDT TRC20, in the receive field – a bank card (it can be any other system offered by this monitoring), I choose an exchanger with automatic exchange, a large number of reviews and no complaints.

12. After receiving the transfer by the exchange office, he sends money to the card.

As I said at the very beginning, it is not at all difficult to withdraw money from a brokerage company or a dealing center.


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