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Guess the waves by the Japanese yen

Timeframe: 4H, 5H

The previous forecast with lead downs turned out to be untenable: vk.com/wall-124328009_21382. But expectations of a dollar collapse (see yesterday’s DXY forecast) have not gone away by themselves. Therefore, the forecast for the yen still globally remains downward. You just need to determine the place of the reversal in order to successfully short the pair.

On the graphs below, I presented you with two options for counting. The first, which is also the main one, presupposes the beginning of the strengthening of the yen in the coming month. Exit from the triangle (X) downward with global targets from 90. The second, alternative, assumes continuation of the triangle (X) and a sideways trend for another couple of years in the range 101-118.

Pay attention to the number of compound waves in the whole triangle (X) and the structure [a] of “C” alternative scenario. Therefore, such a priority of counting. Well, we will directly trade the pair within the premium channel, if the single-main scenario begins to receive confirmation.

Guess the waves by the Japanese yen


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