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Great start of the week – took profit on bitcoin and gold

Today I finally fixed a profit on bitcoin – take profit worked. It stood at 32000, but since the price was higher, it closed at 32999. Since Alpari does not have Bitcoin trading on the weekend.

bitcoin profit

Oh, what I’ve been through this weekend. Bitcoin began to grow sharply and, on the one hand, I was glad that it was growing, but on the other hand, I was worried that it might fall by Monday. And it did peak at nearly 35,000 over the weekend, but then corrected downward. Still, the market was favorable to me and I took profit even higher than I wanted – at 32999 instead of 32000. Great.

And the second asset on which I have fixed is gold.

gold profit

Everything was fine here – right after the entrance, the price went in my direction and I kept the pose. But on the Friday before the close, the price dropped something and it saddened me. I even thought there would be a gaps down on Monday. But as it turned out, the gap was up and in my direction – delightful. Took a profit of 416 pips. A very large profit, but less than last time.


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