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Golden rules for a successful trader

Dedicated to “hamsters” 😁

❗ If you want to be successful, live off the income from trading and have nothing to deny yourself, then you must adhere to the following exchange rules:

βœ… Stop losses were invented by cowards, brokers specially puppet the market so that your stop is fulfilled and you lose money. Why fix a loss when you can wait for the deal to be profitable?

βœ… Use leverage (no less than 1 to 10), this is the only way you can multiply and quickly multiply your capital!

βœ… Remember, always, … ALWAYS sit out a losing trade … the price moves in a zigzag manner, only a stubborn person who defends his principles to the end is able to make money in the market!

βœ… Average a losing trade, so you improve the average price of the position, and the market always returns to its original position. If you do not have enough own funds for martingale, sell the car / mortgage an apartment or take a loan, it will definitely pay off. “He who does not take risks does not drink champagne”

βœ… If you saw a small profit (up to 1%), fix it immediately, the market may turn around, and instead of profit there will be a loss. Only in this way you will be in the black on the distance

βœ… Trade only one instrument and it is better to keep the liquidity of the asset small, this is the approach that will allow you to earn xx from investments

βœ… Technical and fundamental analysis. You need to be aware of all the news. Focus on reading the various opinions on the forums. Trading on the news is guaranteed to bring you profit

βœ… Immediately quit your job or sell your business. There is nothing to learn, everything will come with experience. If you don’t devote all your time to trading, you are doomed to fail. Left without other sources of income, you will be more motivated to achieve results.

βœ… The market is always growing, you may not have time to buy, so you need to urgently invest before the price gets higher. Crises and falls are constantly scared, this is a myth, an excuse for those who do not have the courage to buy a company that is valued at more than 100 times its annual net profit.

βœ… the more trades you make, the higher the likelihood that you will be in the black. You must constantly be in the market

If you forgot something, add it in the comments😁


Jokes as a joke, but something similar is seriously broadcast by some “gurus” in ClubHouse 😳

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